An engagement shoot


Not my usual documentary wedding style, but an image from an engagement shoot with a lovely couple taken two years ago in the cloisters of Norwich Cathedral. I decided to try to use the architecture in an unusual way, drawing attention away from the couple and into the middle distance.

Stretch limo outside The Forum in Norwich


Here’s a shot from I few I took a couple of weeks ago outside The Forum in Norwich, where a newly married couple were wandering around and posing for a few shots before being driven off in what was an extremely large stretch limo. I decided to take a few pictures with The Forum as background – which none of the official photographers present seemed to be interested in.


An image from a wedding at Thorpeness Country Club, shot in my usual documentary style and converted to black and white. Some images work better in colour, some in black and white, and in some cases either works well.

Here we have a symmetrical arrangement of two wedding guests posing for a photograph during the reception, and notice the facial symmetry as well as the similar dresses. I do like this image.


Making adjustments


Health problems have unfortunately prevented me from photographing any weddings in 2014, so I’m looking forward to getting involved again this year.

Here’s an image from a wedding late in 2013, with one of the bridesmaids having some adjustments made to her hair. I love the expression on her face, and she’s concentrating so hard she isn’t reacting to the camera.