Brides and grooms in Paris

On a trip to Paris last week, I kept coming across brides and grooms with their photographers and assistants posing for shots against typical Parisian backdrops. As one does. Naturally I had a camera to hand and managed a few shots of my own.¬†Whether they were actually married in Paris, or just taking the opportunity of a classy photoshoot, I never managed to ask. Does Paris hold a particular appeal for those from the Far East? There’s no doubt that Tour Eiffel is a pretty spectacular background for anyone’s wedding photographs, though wandering around the Place du Tetre in Montmatre mingling with the tourists is a very different kettle of fish. Whichever way you look at it, there’s something romantic about Paris and its appeal never fades.

Champagne reception at Pure

Always looking for opportunities to photograph brides and wedding paraphernalia and seek out potential clients, and not being averse to the occasional glass of champagne, I went along today to a reception to celebrate the relocation of the Pure Bridal Boutique to new premises in Lower Goat Lane, Norwich. I only had my camera phone with me, but captured a few images and some of these are included here. I’m really glad I found the time to call in, as I managed to talk to several couples planning to get married, had one or two good leads, and distributed some business cards and flyers. I also had some interesting conversations with others involved in the wedding business, includig a toastmaster and a wedding cake supplier.I’ve heard there is another new opening next week, so I will be sure to look by.¬†if I can.

Image of the month 5

There’s a marvellous cafe in Florence called Gilli ( – to quote from the Lonely Planet Encounter guide, ‘At this Florentine institution you can sip your coffee or cocktail beneath Venetian chandeliers and billowy art nouveau ceiling frescoes, or opt for the terrace, with ringside seats on the upscale bustle of Piazza della Repubblica’. What really captured my attention was the amazing window displays of cakes and confectionery, in most cases complete with wedding cakes, brides and grooms.

While in Florence I took the opportunity to capture some lazrgely candid picures of several brides and grooms on their post wedding shoots, mainly in and around the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and Chiesa de San Miniato Al Monte. More of this to follow.