An unseasonally snowy wedding

Here’s an image from a wedding I photographed in March last year,  showing the venue in a blanket of snow. I had wandered out into the grounds to take a few pictures of the buildings to give some sort of impression of what it was like on a winter’s evening with snow on the ground – a little unusual in March, but it was that kind of winter. At least it’s identifiably a wedding that’s taking place here.


2013 in five images

Here are five images I’ve chosen as a way of summing up my year of wedding photography – not necessarily five of my favourites, just five that gave me something interesting to think about.

The first, from a March wedding in Essex, was taken as the bride was getting ready. What I liked about this composition was the arrangement of the three figures and the flow from top  right  to bottom left. Of course, it is also part of telling the story of that part of the day.


The second, also from a wintry March wedding, shows the couple on the point of leaving the church. Resisting suggestions to photograph them from outside the church door, looking in, I took photographs next to them looking out – not just to record the event in a documentary way, but to capture a natural expression.


The third is from a June wedding in Norfolk, and the composition was again of interest, with the bridesmaid speaking in the centre, the groom looking around rather distractedly, and the woman bottom left looking out of the frame.


The fourth is also from a June wedding, showing a quiet and intimate moment between the bride and a guest.


Finally an image from a November wedding in Suffolk, taken in the village pub before the wedding with the groom and groomsmen. Why can buttonholes often cause a problem?


To sum up: an interesting year in which I photographed a small number of quite diverse weddings and also managed to come across weddings in such places as Germany and Italy, providing some additional images of the kind where wedding photography and street photography come together.

It so happens the all but one of the five I’ve chosen here are finished in black and white, though this was not a deliberate intention. I’ve found that for wedding photography, around a third of my final selection of images will be in black and white. With personal work (see for example the lighthouse photographs in my personal projects) I will invariably print the colour originals.

Crondon Park wedding photography – Abi and Alaric

A wonderful wintry wedding on a snowy day in March, from the bride’s house in Danbury, Essex to a service at St Margaret’s Downham, emerging into an absolute blizzard and then on to the reception at Crondon Park Golf Club. A white wedding in more ways than one, so here are a few images from the day; there are others in the wedding gallery.

All taken with a Canon EOS 400D with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2,8XR lens. Click on any image to see a larger version.

IMG_2932bw600 IMG_2959_600 IMG_2960_600 IMG_3019bw600 IMG_3080_600 IMG_3085bw600 IMG_3136_600 IMG_3142_600 IMG_3143_600 IMG_3173bw600 IMG_3183bw600 IMG_3193bw600 IMG_3195a_600 IMG_3201a_600 IMG_3209a_600 IMG_3236_600 IMG_3266_600 IMG_3278bw600 IMG_3302bw600 IMG_3305_600 IMG_3306bw600 IMG_3308_600 IMG_3360_600 IMG_3528_600 IMG_3531_600 IMG_3656_600