Puglia: some wedding photographers

Here’s a small selection of photographs of shop frontages taken on a holiday in October in the Puglia region of Italy. I do like the character of the architecture in much of this part of the heel of Italy, and as a wedding photographer I found some of these displays interesting. Essentially they are street photography, but they appealed to me as a subject for a blog post. The first four are in Lecce, the fifth is in Bari and the final one in Matera.

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An Italian wedding in Vieste, Puglia

Here is some street photography from an October wedding in the town of Vieste in Puglia, Italy, where we happened to be on holiday.  After the service at the Chiesa Santa Croce, a beautiful small church in the town centre, and a gathering outside, two white doves were released before the couple were showered in confetti. Dozens of cars with wedding guests drove around the town honking their horns. Happening across all of this by chance, I took some photographs, and here are some of my favourites.

IMG_8787_600 IMG_8806_600 IMG_8811_600 IMG_8824_600 IMG_8833_600bw IMG_8843_600bw IMG_8850_600bw IMG_8851_600bw IMG_8868_600 IMG_8870_600 IMG_8872_600 IMG_8899_600 IMG_8903_600 IMG_8918_600 IMG_8922_600bw

Image of the month 5

There’s a marvellous cafe in Florence called Gilli (www.gilli.it) – to quote from the Lonely Planet Encounter guide, ‘At this Florentine institution you can sip your coffee or cocktail beneath Venetian chandeliers and billowy art nouveau ceiling frescoes, or opt for the terrace, with ringside seats on the upscale bustle of Piazza della Repubblica’. What really captured my attention was the amazing window displays of cakes and confectionery, in most cases complete with wedding cakes, brides and grooms.

While in Florence I took the opportunity to capture some lazrgely candid picures of several brides and grooms on their post wedding shoots, mainly in and around the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and Chiesa de San Miniato Al Monte. More of this to follow.