Image of the month 6

For this month I’ve chosen a picture I took of the post-wedding celebratrions outside the Assembly House in Norwich. On this occasion I had been passing by the Assembly House one Saturday afternoon in JUly after photographing the Norwich Pride parade through the town centre. I saw the people gathered around the front of the building and decided to just mill around with everyone else and take a few candid pictures. No-one seemed to mind. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be able to blend in with these kind of occasions.

The image shows the bride and groom in the foreground, out of focus and not the main point of interest, making the main points of interest the two women in the centre and the two men on the right. I felt this was an interesting composition and well suited to a straightforward black and white conversion. I took several other images focusing on the bride and groom so this was an interesting alternative point of view.

Canon EOS400D, 1/80 at f6.3, ISO 400

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