There’s no time like the present

This has been a strange year. In February I was suddenly taken ill on holiday in Norway and spent two weeks in hospital, followed by a third week’s hospitalisation in Norwich. Then I had to go to a specialist Orthopaedic hospital in London in May for a second major operation in the space of three months. I’m well on the way to recovery but needless to say photography has taken a back seat – I have had to cancel one booking and turn down other enquiries, but I’m now in a position where I can accept offers of work again.

I came across an article in The Guardian on 13 September about someone (Amy Molloy) who accidentally deleted every digital photograph she’d ever taken. In the two months since that loss she has come to understand that looking back on photographs, particularly those taken on our best day, showing only our best sides, might stop us from living in the moment and ever feeling content.

But the main reason I mentioned this article in the context of wedding photography was when she referred to her own wedding day as an example of not placing her late husband on a pedestal:
‘…when I wrote about our wedding day, I didn’t mention the huge argument we had because I caught him smoking a cigarette at the reception. If the professional photographer noticed us feuding in the corner he certainly didn’t capture the conflict, but maybe it should be acknowledged. It may not be a picture-perfect moment, but it’s all part of the cartoon strip that made up our love story’.

I’d like to think that, had I been there, I would have captured that image.

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